[aur-general] Voting for djszapi results

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Dec 17 14:31:52 EST 2009

> TU votes were never meant to be secret, it only came about as the
> implementation of the voting application. We don't live under a violent
> military coup or anything. You should be able to identify with your
> thoughts in a free society. The discussion period is there for people to
> voice any concerns, if that creates tension - so be it. I hope we aren't
> all wimps that can't take a little bit of conflict. I'd like to know
> that our Trusted Users are able to voice their opinions and uphold the
> Arch Way, etc.
> Cheers.

That's a nice strawman argument which completely disregards social
psychology and the real reason for secret ballots, even if a TU vote
means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of the universe. You're
also confusing the discussion period with post-electoral discussion,
which are two very different things. Invoking others to "uphold the Arch
Way" in this context is completely without meaning and seems to be
nothing more than a baseless emotional appeal that goes hand-in-hand
with the previous strawman argument. I'm actually surprised to see such
a crude statement.

If you really feel that way, change the TU interface to make the voting
public and display each TU's vote next to his or her name.

Now, as I wouldn't want Loui to think I'm a wimp, I had better confess
that I abstained from the vote and explain why, despite the fact that I
consider this unproductive.

I simply didn't feel strongly enough either way. As already mentioned,
it is quite apparent that Laszlo is technically competent but the
concerns raised in the last discussion period have not completely
vanished. Laszlo sent me an email about a month ago to ask if I had
noticed any improvement concerning issues that had been previously
raised, to which I replied that I had noticed a change in behavior and
that I was sure others had noticed as well. I also mentioned a minor
point which I had noticed. Simultaneous though the email itself was
reminiscent of the way that the first application was approached and I
asked myself how many other TUs he had approached with a similar email
in order to garner sympathy.

I stand by my reply to Laszlo in that I think he is on the right path
but I was still hesitant to vote yes and thus abstained in order to
leave the vote to others who have stronger opinions.

I'll end this here before I suppress the wimp in me and flesh out my
reply to Loui's post.

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