[aur-general] Going to submit my first AUR package dvtm-git

garfiield garfiield at garfiield.net
Sat Dec 19 05:41:22 EST 2009


Like the subject says, I am going to submit my first AUR
package dvtm-git [1]. But before I do that I would like to get some
questions answered.

Although dvtm [2] in AUR has the description "Dynamic virtual terminal
manager", I have chosen "Tiling window management for the console" as
the description of my package. My reason for choosing this description
is that _I think_ it is more descriptive than just giving the meaning of
the abbreviation "dvtm" (like the dvtm package does).

* Should I go with my own description of the package or use the same
  description as the dvtm package? (Maybe add some information to inform
  that the source is a Git repository?)

* What other improvements should or can I do to the package?

Best regards,

PS. Does it build on a x86_64 machine? (I have not tested, but since
dvtm [2] does I assume this one also does.)


[1] http://git.garfiield.net/?p=pkgbuilds.git;a=tree;f=dvtm-git;h=a72a63e31469809242c0650ff5edd1dfd73657e8;hb=HEAD
[2] http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=14182

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