[aur-general] Package voting alternatives

kludge drkludge at rat-patrol.org
Sun Dec 27 02:35:12 EST 2009

On 12/26/2009 10:00 PM, Sebastian Nowicki wrote:
> Hi,
> I believe this was discussed on aur-dev some years ago, but it seems
> that discussion was lost (no longer in archives). I'd like to bring up
> the subject again. What do you think the best way to indicate package
> popularity is? The two main ideas were votes (the current
> implementation) and a download counter. I can't really recall which one
> was preferred.
> The issue has been raised because we're deciding which to use in "AUR2",
> as a patch has been submitted to implement votes.
> I'd like to know if voting works, how effective it is, and how much
> significance it has on a TU's decision to put a package into community.
> Basically whether it's "broken" and needs to be "fixed" or if it's fine
> the way it is.
> P.S. I didn't send this to aur-dev as it doesn't really concern the
> developers. It's an end-user feature, and mostly a feature for TUs, so I
> posted here.

that is (or at least has been) a much thornier question than i think you
think it is.

search through this list's archives around starting around november of
2008.  this might be a good starting point:


some choice reading there!


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