[aur-general] Broken Dependency - Speakup

Steve Holmes steve.holmes88 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 08:17:45 EST 2009

I changed mirrors and that seemed to have done the trick.  Well, umm, 
not really.  What I mean is two kernel26.32 packages got updated but now 
my machine is completely dead in the water! I guess I'm gonna have to 
boot with the live CD when I get home and start downgrading some 
packages <sigh>.  This is the first time I've upgraded kernel packages 
and have my machine fall completely over! no boot!  I'm at work now so 
can't deal further with this until I get home tonight but...

Ray Rashif wrote:
> 2009/12/30 Steve Holmes <steve.holmes88 at gmail.com>:
>> Hey, when I did a 'pacman -Syu' this evening, it tried to upgrade
>> speakup from Community but failed because it was expecting a later
>> version of kernel26.  Is the newer kernel on its way?
> Yes. If not, it's a bug.
> This happens when (1) the packager has yet to update that specific
> package (in this case kernel26) or (2) the mirror has only sync'd part
> of the repo (in this case speakup but not kernel26).

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