[aur-general] Broken Dependency - Speakup

Laurie Clark-Michalek bluepeppers at archlinux.us
Wed Dec 30 11:23:58 EST 2009

2009/12/30 Steve Holmes <steve.holmes88 at gmail.com>:
> I changed mirrors and that seemed to have done the trick.  Well, umm, not
> really.  What I mean is two kernel26.32 packages got updated but now my
> machine is completely dead in the water! I guess I'm gonna have to boot with
> the live CD when I get home and start downgrading some packages <sigh>.
>  This is the first time I've upgraded kernel packages and have my machine
> fall completely over! no boot!  I'm at work now so can't deal further with
> this until I get home tonight but...


Did you pacman -Syu, or did you just update the kernel when you
updated after you changed the mirror? Also, you can expect problems
with the 26.32 series, as it has just been introduced. However, in all
the time I have been using Arch, I have never had my machine break
massivly from a kernel update.


P.S. Don't top post, it can make things hard to read.

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