[aur-general] Disowning monsoon, monotorrent and mono-nat

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 11:24:04 EDT 2009

2009/7/6 Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.com.ve>:
>> I'm not really sure where you're gathering your rules from.
>> If excess traffic on the list does become a problem, we'll find ways to
>> solve it.
> Common sense, just let everybody believe that they have to report
> anything on this list (as the childres ask the teachers for permission
> to go to the bathroom) and you will get a nice flood, "mathematics
> never fails", but go ahead, do what you want, you will remember me,
> when you will get pissed off about this :)

Please guys, calm down. Let's sit down a minute and think about it.
Tomás brought to our attention a problem that all of us have noticed:
there's no mean, for willing contributors, to find out if a package
has been orphaned. I think Angel is right with this ML not being the
right place to signal orphan packages, since there's usually no
discussion involved. On the other hand, I feel that he expressed his
ideas in a bit too strong way.

Anyway, back to the problem. I see two (non-mutually exclusive)
possible solutions:
 1. Add a notification e-mail for package orphaning. In fact,
orphaning is a very important phase in the package life, and between
package subscribers there will probably be at least one person who
wants to step up and adopt it. I'm all for this one.
 2. Add an "orphaning RSS feed". Many willing contributors are always
looking for nice packages to maintain, and they have no way to find
out if their favorite package has been orphaned. An RSS feed would
allow contributors to quickly substitute former maintainers, thus
allowing an overall better AUR quality.

What do you think?


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