[aur-general] introduction and questions

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Jul 8 01:13:13 EDT 2009

> I thought package names had to be alphanumeric characters and the "-"
> would make the package name invalid? Although the change does work, it
> would require a custom edit of the source code and man page for
> building the app for the Arch distribution. Although it isn't much of
> a problem, I'm hesitant to commit myself to always needing to make the
> change for future version of the software.

I think the previous suggestion was limited to changing the package
name. Just call it sa-player, add "sap" to the conflicts line (and maybe
add "sap" to the description as well to make it clear) and then leave
the rest of it alone. If others want to install this alongside the other
"sap" package then they can either hack it themselves or contact the
upstream devs to get the name collision resolved.

Changing the name throughout the souce code would not be an elegant
solution and would only lead to unnecessary complication for others
wishing to use the package, especially if it is ever a dependency for
other packages.

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