[aur-general] gspcav1-fbcondecor package installation errors

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Wed Jul 8 13:31:13 EDT 2009

Hi Aaron,

> Here is the log of my attempted installation:
> [aaron at betabeta gspcav1-fbcondecor]$ makepkg -cs
> ==> Making package: gspcav1-fbcondecor 1.00.20-3 i686 (Wed Jul  8
> 12:06:56 EDT 2009)
> ==> Checking Runtime Dependencies...
> ==> Checking Buildtime Dependencies...
> ==> Retrieving Sources...
>   -> Found gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz in build dir
> ==> Validating source files with md5sums...
>     gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz ... Passed
> ==> Extracting Sources...
>   -> bsdtar -x -f gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
> ==> Removing existing pkg/ directory...
> ==> Entering fakeroot environment...
> ==> Starting build()...
> make -C /lib/modules/2.6.30-fbcondecor/build
> SUBDIRS=/home/aaron/src/gspcav1-fbcondecor/src/gspcav1-20071224 CC=cc
> modules
> make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.30-fbcondecor'
>   CC
> [M]  /home/aaron/src/gspcav1-fbcondecor/src/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.o /home/aaron/src/gspcav1-fbcondecor/src/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c:54:27:
> error: asm/semaphore.h: No such file or directory

This is an upstream issue. It seems, that gspcav1 1.00.20 doesn't work
with kernels > 2.6.26, as I've just read in a German forum.

The file semaphore.h is now located
in /usr/src/linux-2.6.30-fbcondecor/include/linux.

So the file gspca_core.c in the gspcav1-fbcondecor package needs to be
patched and "asm/semaphore.h" needs to be changed to

As a workaround you can add this line to your PKGBUILD:
sed -i "s:asm\/semaphore.h:linux\/semaphore.h" gspca_core.c

But you should also file a bug report to upstream, so that the gspca
developers can update the software, so that it compiles with kernel
2.6.27 and above.


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