[aur-general] AVR toolchain update

taptaptap dödödö djszapi2 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 09:46:35 EDT 2009

Hello Bardo!

I will look at this at evening, after my work :)
Hope i can help you.

Laszlo Papp

2009/7/17 bardo <ilbardo at gmail.com>

> 2009/7/11 taptaptap dödödö <djszapi2 at gmail.com>:
> > Hello bardo!
> >
> > I've spent more time with it too!
> > The problem is, it tries to build with that C(XX)FLAGS, which is in your
> > /etc/makepkg.conf!
> > It can be a hack, but works for me. Set the CXXFLAGS="" && CFLAGS="" for
> the
> > building session, and can be built well.
> Thanks, as we discussed in private the toolchain has now been updated,
> even though I've been notified by various sources that it is broken
> for some AVR architectures. Since I haven't been able to solve the
> problem quickly, I'm asking for some help on the list. So, here's an
> explanation of what I found out until now.
> What's happening: avr-ld, for some reason, doesn't descend into
> /usr/avr/lib/ subdirectories while searching for object files, so it
> doesn't find arch-specific linker files. I've found an old bug report
> that oulines the same problem, even though with no solution posted:
> http://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?22539
> A (temporary and very ugly) workaround, for those who work with only
> one architecture, is linking files in, for example, /usr/avr/lib/avr4/
> to /usr/avr/lib/, paying attention to backup files by the same name
> (libm.a, libc.a...).
> In the meantime I'm trying hard to solve the issue, but I can't really
> find where the problem lies, so if anybody has any knowledge of
> toolchain-building and has suggestions to share, please write  :)
> Thanks,
> Corrado

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