[aur-general] CVS freeze and move to SVN/official tools

Stefan Husmann stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Sat Jul 18 08:40:11 EDT 2009

Allan McRae schrieb:
> Stefan Husmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i am still failing to upload packages to [community]. The communitypkg 
>> script from the aurtools wants a password, which I do not have, I only 
>> have aa passphrase. The devtools package does not include a 
>> communitypkg script.
> The communitypkg script has not been updated yet so you need to do 
> something like this:
> svn co <pkg>
> cd <pkg>/trunk
> (update pkgbuild, build package, and scp it to ~/staging/community on 
> sigurd)
> svn commit -m "update message"
> archrelease community-{i686,x86_64}
> on sigurd:
> /arch/db-community{,64}
> The whole upload, commit and archrelease will be handled by communitypkg 
> once it gets updated
> Hope that helps...
> Allan

Thank you, that worked for the package apvlv.


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