[aur-general] TU application: Laszlo Papp

Daniel J Griffiths ghost1227 at archlinux.us
Fri Jul 31 18:17:05 EDT 2009

Stefan Husmann wrote:
> Biru Ionut wrote
>> not many days ago you asked be if is frustrating to have 300 packages 
>> in comparative with the number of packages that some TUs have. i see 
>> that you got now only 78 packages. Can i asked you why did you got 
>> rid of the rest? you picked up only the good ones?
>> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?O=0&K=vim&do_Orphans=Orphans&detail=1&L=0&C=0&SeB=nd&SB=n&SO=a&PP=25 
> Hello Birot,
> of course you may ask any question but can you please explain why you 
> think the packages Laszlo orphaned are worse than the packageges he kept?
> IMHO reconsidering priorities is a right every user has, TU or not.
> Regards, Stefan
I don't think the issue was that the orphaned packages were worse per 
se, I think the issue was that recently he had been bragging about how 
he had more packages than most TUs/Devs as if it was a status thing, and 
putting down some of us for it... Now all of a sudden he dumps the 
majority of his packages. Just seems a bit hypocritical.

Daniel J Griffiths (Ghost1227)
griffithsdj at archlinux.us

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