[aur-general] Request: Removal of "java-gstreamer"

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Jun 24 09:25:33 EDT 2009

> > Why not just rename it java-gstreamer-java? That way we can respect
> > the archlinux policies, and also keep the origal name for anyone
> > trying to find it on the aur.
> I chuckled. I assume this isn't a serious suggestion. Though it would
> solve it, it's not really a "solution".

As I was reading the replies to this thread I actually thought of
"java-gstreamer-java" too before I saw Laurie's suggestion. It does
sound a bit silly but it makes sense at the same time if gstreamer-java
can only be meaningfully used by Java. With the current packaging
guidelines, the "<language>-" prefix makes it instantly clear that the
packages is a libarary/modules/etc of that language and not a
stand-alone/front-end application. This is very useful in the absence
of clear categories or tags when a user is browsing the list of
available packages.

Perhaps we can all agree that the best solution is to use the name
"gstreamer-java", which is quite clear as Aaron pointed out, but put
"java-gstreamer" and "java-gstreamer-java" in the provides array for
the sake of uniformity.

To be honest, I'm not really bothered either way and I only asked about
the name originally because I was unaware that the upstream name was


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