[aur-general] Removing comments from AUR

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Jun 26 00:58:43 EDT 2009

> Xyne wrote:
> > Also, and this is directed at devs in general, the whole "stfu unless
> > you can submit a patch" mentality is narrow-minded at best. Just
> > because someone can't code it themselves doesn't mean that an idea is
> > bad.Too many people act as though a suggestion were a demand and many
> > devs content themselves with "good enough" if they can avoid putting
> > more work into it. Not everyone is a coder and it would often take
> > someone far more time and effort to create a patch than a dev who's
> > intimately familiar with the code.
> >   
> I think you will notice that that attitude tends to appear once a thread 
> has reached 50 comments...  It is generally intended to be a "stfu" 
> rather than a "stfu unless you can submit a patch".  This will be the 
> 75th post in the thread and I don't think a new point has been made 
> since about post three.
> Allan

There are a few bits and pieces that have come out of it but yeah,
overall it should be TGN'd. Still, a better reply would have been
"you're alone on this, let it go" instead of "so submit a patch".



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