[aur-general] The [community-testing] repository

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jun 30 16:56:25 EDT 2009

I think this has been requested and discussed a few times and I talked 
to several people about it, so I want to outline my ideas here:

When moving the community db scripts to the new svn-based scripts, a 
community-testing repository should be created. With the new scripts, 
handling this is incredibly easy. And here is why: Rebuild sprees.

We have the problem now with readline: libreadline.so.6 is in testing 
and community packages are built against .so.5. [testing] users cannot 
use everything from [community] and once we move everything to core and 
extra, it takes too much time for [community] to catch up.

The [community-testing] repository will solve that: While the dev team 
does rebuilds in [testing], the TUs do the same in [community-testing]. 
When everything is done, a developer can move the core/extra and 
community packages simultaneously. This is not only useful for SONAME 
bumps, but also for kernel updates (there's a few kernel modules in 

I suggest this should be set up as soon as [community] is moved to 
SVN-based scripts, as the upcoming libjpeg rebuilds will break too many 
packages and we need to rebuild not only the [extra] but also the 
[community] packages in time.

That's how I see it, opinions?

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