[aur-general] Application for TU

corvolino corvolino at archlinux.com.br
Tue Jun 30 22:58:25 EDT 2009

   Hello everyone.

   I'm interested in becoming a TU. Thotypous has agreed to be my sponsor.

   My current goals are:

   1 - Doing my best to help in improving the AUR. Maintain my packages in
   good condition and encourage people to keep packages in AUR;

   2 - I want to improve my knowledge related to ArchLinux and to help
   colleagues using Arch;

   3 - I'd like to participate actively in decisions regarding to Arch;

   4 - Representing Arch and talking about its philosophy and tools in
   events about Free Software.

   I currently maintain 21 packages in AUR (my user is corvolino). I'm
   already an Arch user for about 3 years. I use Linux since 2005. Since then,
   I have learned a lot with research, forums and friends.

   I'm a member of Arch Linux Brazil since the end of last year, where I
   already help with packages, documentation and translation. I also helped
   with documentation and support in other distributions I've used.

   For those who don't know me, I'm participatory and I'll always do what I
   can to help Arch Linux.

   Thanks for all those helped me so far,


corvolino ~
Linux User #459152
Blog - http://corvolinopunk.wordpress.com
Archlinux-br Developer Team

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