[aur-general] Orphaning of 44 packages

stefan-husmann at t-online.de stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Sun May 17 16:32:28 EDT 2009

G_Syme schrieb:
> Hi fellow listmates,
> in trying to make a long story short:
> I've finally switched from KDE3 to KDE4, and not directly via Arch,
but on a parallelly installed Kubuntu with shared home partition. The
result is, that the Kubuntu installation (which was previously only
intended to be a test-
> platform and failsafe solution) now runs fine, but has devastated the
KDE3 configs of the Arch system.
> But, contrary to my expectation, upgrading Arch to KDE4 didn't utilize
the configs from Kubuntu (from the shared home). This means I currently
have a not-
> really-working KDE4 installation on Arch with some additional
anomalies (like e.g. graphic glitches, etc.).
> Unfortunately, university doesn't leave me much spare time to try to
repair my current Arch system at the moment. So I'm sticking to my
"backup" Kubuntu system for the time being.
> Because I won't be able to properly maintain my packages at the
moment, I'd like to take this opportunity to cut my packages from 64
down to a manageable state of 20.
> Hope this will give new AUR users the opportunity to collect a few of
them, so the distribution gets a bit more balanced. ^^
> Now for the list. All of the packages work (except for ditz-git,
because upstream development has stalled a bit). Albeit from jvlt,
they're all up-to-
> date (as far as I know). I've tried to categorize them a bit:
> -- uml2tools and dependencies --
> (best to be maintained by one person)
> eclipse-emf-query
> eclipse-emf-transaction
> eclipse-emf-validation
> eclipse-gmf
> eclipse-mdt-ocl
> eclipse-mdt-uml2
> eclipse-mdt-uml2tools
> -- subversive and its dependencies --
> (best to be maintained by one person)
> eclipse-subversive
> eclipse-subversive-svn-connector
> eclipse-subversive-svn-connector-svnkit
> -- (maybe) frozen in time (AKA last update was quite some time ago) --
> edumips64
> faces
> finomaton
> geg
> gt5
> hexxagon
> jacksum
> jmencode
> lookat
> nihongobenkyo
> pytraffic
> reed
> roll
> umodpack
> unmass
> urxvtcd
> violet
> -- candidates for removal (AKA let the community decide) --
> brother-mfc260c-cupswrapper
> brother-mfc260c-lpr
> (the 2 packages above have never been tested because I don't own the
printer (they're build analog to the brother-mfc260c-* packages) and
haven't received any votes or comments, so probably no one is using
> doomsday-1.8
> (was intended to be an alternative for the sometimes
savegame-corrupting version 1.9beta5. But the problem seems to be solved
in 1.9beta6, which makes this package deprecated.)
> tinyuml
> (development has been stalled, and the official website has vanished
ages ago. The sources can still be obtained from SF.net, though, and the
package has received 19 votes over time, but I'm not sure if they still
use it...)
> -- misc --
> 4pane
> aespipe
> ditz-git
> dosbox-cvs
> jvlt
> mathomatic
> maxr-svn
> midish
> notecase-pro
> pauker
> thinkingrock
> veusz
> wirbel
> That's it. I hope to be back on track in late summer with my Arch
system. I'll try to maintain my remaining packages as best as I can
until then.
> Cheers,
> G_Syme
Adopted mathomatic.

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