[aur-general] Orphaning of 44 packages

Jaroslav Lichtblau tu at dragonlord.cz
Sun May 24 05:13:59 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 09:10:05PM +0200, G_Syme wrote:
> Hi fellow listmates,
> in trying to make a long story short:

> -- (maybe) frozen in time (AKA last update was quite some time ago) --

> urxvtcd

> violet
> -- candidates for removal (AKA let the community decide) --
> brother-mfc260c-cupswrapper

> That's it. I hope to be back on track in late summer with my Arch system. I'll 
> try to maintain my remaining packages as best as I can until then.
> Cheers,
> G_Syme

Demons have existed on the Discworld for at least as long as the gods, who in many ways they closely resemble. The difference is basically the same as between terrorists and freedom fighters.

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