[aur-general] perl-libwww duplicates

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Nov 12 15:16:34 EST 2009

Daenyth Blank wrote:

> Personally I've always found the current behavior very annoying. Why
> not just generate the arch standard names for the depends array and
> let the packager work it out if that isn't correct? Defaulting to the
> standard seems better than defaulting to print everything, most of
> which gets removed by hand. It's the single biggest peeve I have with
> pacpan. (Not to say that I don't find it useful.)

I don't understand what you mean. Pacpan is quite good at detecting
dependencies. It checks if necessary CPAN modules are already installed
and if they are it determines which pacman package they belong to. If
the dependency isn't already installed, it checks pacman's database for
a package which provides the dependency. The only way it produces a
dependency list which is superfluous is if either the metadata on CPAN
is incorrect, which is the module author's fault, or if existing
packages fail to correctly list all of the packages/modules which they
provide, which is then the packager's fault. 

The only case in which this might be an issue would be when recursively
building packages to satisfy dependencies. It can't know a priori if
two packages specified in CPAN's metadata are actually provided by the
same package if that package doesn't  yet exist. That's not really an
issue though because once that package exists, it will provide both of
the required packages and thus satisfy the dependencies.

What exactly are you removing by hand? If you're actually talking about
the provides array, you'll be happy to learn that pacpan no longer
includes standard CPAN names in that array. I had originally included
them because I had seen other perl packages which did so and I didn't
think it would hurt to be thorough.

Sorry if this doesn't address your issue, but in the context of
the "depends array" I really don't know what you mean by "defaulting to
print everything".


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