[aur-general] Trusted User Application

Ionut Biru biru.ionut at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 18:20:37 EST 2009

On 11/19/2009 12:07 AM, Ranguvar wrote:
> Hello,
> I will be 18 on the 8th of May :)
> I will check and fix the fluxbox issues, thanks.
> The firefox-pgo-minefield one I don't think is a true error, though -- it's
> complaining because I put in some commented-out lines that tar up the
> freshly checked-out source and save it in $startdir.
> That's just there as a convenience to me and others who want to mess around
> with the PKGBUILD.

good luck in your application.

P.S never ever do that again. top posting sucks :D

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