[aur-general] Bunch of deletion candidates

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Fri Nov 27 23:30:47 EST 2009

openoffice (http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=24413)
This package is plainly named "openoffice" when it seems to provide a 
-dev version of some kind and it also appears to duplicate the effort of 
the packages in [extra]. Personally I think it is confusing even though 
the package appears to be maintained. Your call.

go-oo-bin-base (http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=19457)
This package also seems to duplicate the package of the same mission in 
[extra]. I know that the difference is that this one uses the provided 
rpm packages instead of compiling by itself. Your call again.

These are outdated and at best match the go-oo-bin-base package. We 
however already have the functionality in [extra].

Also I'd like box2d-svn (http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=24278) 
orphaned for me to pick up. The maintainer didn't show any effort to 
communicate or fix the package.

-- Sven-Hendrik

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