[aur-general] Some package deletion and orphaning requests...

Try Again tryagainprod at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 14:42:56 EDT 2009

Hi, I have some propositions for AUR packages. Here they are :

- human-themes: should be orphaned. This package hasn't been updated since
December 2008. Some users posted updated PKGBUILDs in comments but didn't
got an answer.

- lib32-bzip2: same as human-themes. Hasn't been updated since August 2008.

- bin32-kega-fusion: should be removed. I submitted this package (x86_64
only) along with kega-fusion which is a 32-bit binary. However, as I found
out how to make kega-fusion PKGBUILD multi-arch, so bin32-kega-fusion is no
longer needed.

- mamepgui: should be orphaned. The PKGBUILD has been submitted not long ago
but has many defects. It is already outdated, is i686 only and doesn't rely
on compilation from sources, though possible. I flagged the package and
posted a improved PKGBUILD in comments one month ago but the maintainer
didn't react. I'd like to adopt this package.

Thanks in advance!

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