[aur-general] Some package deletion and orphaning requests...

Daniel J Griffiths ghost1227 at archlinux.us
Sun Oct 4 14:59:13 EDT 2009

Try Again wrote:
> Hi, I have some propositions for AUR packages. Here they are :
> - human-themes: should be orphaned. This package hasn't been updated since
> December 2008. Some users posted updated PKGBUILDs in comments but didn't
> got an answer.
human-theme has been deleted, there is a package called 
gnome-human-theme which is the up-to-date version of the same theme

> - lib32-bzip2: same as human-themes. Hasn't been updated since August 2008.
> - bin32-kega-fusion: should be removed. I submitted this package (x86_64
> only) along with kega-fusion which is a 32-bit binary. However, as I found
> out how to make kega-fusion PKGBUILD multi-arch, so bin32-kega-fusion is no
> longer needed.
> - mamepgui: should be orphaned. The PKGBUILD has been submitted not long ago
> but has many defects. It is already outdated, is i686 only and doesn't rely
> on compilation from sources, though possible. I flagged the package and
> posted a improved PKGBUILD in comments one month ago but the maintainer
> didn't react. I'd like to adopt this package.
And done... Enjoy!
> Thanks in advance!
You're welcome

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