[aur-general] AUR "Jamie" account

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Oct 13 14:20:13 EDT 2009

> why? are we out of alphabetic combinations?
> You know what they say...they always come back. What if someone tries arch
> and comes to the conclusion he/she isn't ready for it. He/she leaves and
> after some time tries again. It would be a shame coming back and noticing
> your account is deleted or taken over by someone
> IMO if Jamie wants to have the AUR username he should just contact the other
> account holder (if the e-mail is publically available anyway). I don't see
> any reason to take action, there are enough alphanumeric combinations left.
> Ronald

Hmmm. I was about to say that I still don't agree because the AUR
account is only for uploading & maintaing packages and voting, but I
just realized that I hadn't taken comments into account. The user may
have actually posted some comments.

I still maintain that there is no point in keeping accounts that have
never been used for anything. It's clutter in the database and on the
disk. It's like drawing a line in the sand on a beach and then leaving
without ever coming back. If someone else wants that spot, I don't
think it should be permanently off-limits because someone might show up
months or years later and say "hey, that's my spot".

Anyway, with the realization about comments and the overall direction
of this discussion, I think think I have my answer. I'll let
forum-Jamie know.


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