[aur-general] Removal Request

Daniel J Griffiths ghost1227 at archlinux.us
Fri Oct 23 13:15:45 EDT 2009

Chris Brannon wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick answer, since you said that the maintainer is
>> responding to the comments,
>> i assume you are referring to the first two i asked for deletion
>> because they are maintained by me (duca).
> I understand.  Thanks for the clarification.  I don't know about
> the maintainer of the g95 package.  The only comment that I saw on the
> page was from November 2006.  Have you tried to contact him?
> Out of curiosity, how did you manage to merge those two packages?  Both
> of them install architecture-specific binaries.
> -- Chris

if [ "${CARCH}" = 'x86_64' ]; then
    do whatever
elif [ "${CARCH}" = 'i686' ]; then
    do other stuff

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