[aur-general] Community orphans - Was: discussion about arora-git

Stefan Husmann stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Tue Sep 15 14:13:44 EDT 2009

Chris Brannon schrieb:
> Stefan Husmann wrote:
>> Hello, 
>> I still cannot login to the webpage where i can adopt packages. 
> Do you have a dev.archlinux.org account?
> If you asked Aaron for one, then you should have gotten an email containing
> your login info, I.E., username and password.  Note that your username
> on dev.archlinux.org is probably not the same as the one that you use
> for managing packages in [unsupported] via the web interface on
> aur.archlinux.org.  It is probably the first letter of your first name,
> followed by your last name (shusmann).
> Hope this helps,
> -- Chris

Thanks for clarification. I have an acoount (shusmann), but no password was send to me.
At least I cannot remember and cannot find it in my mails.

Regards Stefan

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