[aur-general] TU application: Jan Steffens

Philipp hollunder at lavabit.com
Mon Apr 19 06:23:57 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Jan Steffens's message of 2010-04-19 11:16:06 +0200:
> > Seems like a good idea. Are you also interested in other audio related
> > packages?
> Like which? I don't do pro audio work, myself.

Schiv already did some good work in the pro audio section. It's probably more
important to have someone take care of desktop audio as it has more
users. There might still be something left in to desktop/pro interaction
section, by which I mean jack/PA interaction, but I'm not too sure about
it. PA seems to work fine on top of jack. I heard from other distros
that PA is hard to kill there, and hence it's hard to free the interface
for jack, but I don't know whether that's true for Arch.


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