[aur-general] Package ownership change request qt-git and qtcreator-git

Bernhard Friedreich friesoft at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 18:00:29 EDT 2010

 On 14.08.2010 23:36, Sven-Hendrik Haase wrote:
> Did you try to contact both maintainers? You should usually do so before
> claiming inactivity. However, I'm still disowning both packages since
> they are not building for me. The patch in qtcreator-git is outdated as
> well.
Indeed I didn't contact them because based on the other packages they
had in their list, they didn't look that active and I wanted to get
those packages fixed fast.
I'll happily hand them back over if they care again ;)
> By adopting both packages you agree that you will care for them like
> they were your children. Treat them respectfully, feed them, only hit
> them occasionally and you will soon have two mighty packages at your
> disposal.
I'll do with my best knowledge =) and have always done - just in a git
repo... (http://github.com/friesoft/archlinux-friesoft-pkgbuilds)
> Have a good day. Because if do not, I will *make* you have a good day.
> -- Sven-Hendrik
Thanks again!

Best regards,
Bernhard Friedreich

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