[aur-general] Shall I move mplayer-vaapi to [community]?

Evangelos Foutras foutrelis at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 23:15:54 EDT 2010

On 17/08/10 16:22, Ulf Winkelvos wrote:
> If you, Evangelos, decide to move this to community, you should however
> leave the lazy road i took with this package! :) I.e. apply the sds patches
> to arch's current mplayer source snapshot, instead of simply building the
> full sds-patched mplayer source. I ran into dependency troubles several
> times and had to hack around that, or wait until some deps were updated.

Thanks for the tip. I uploaded a package based on the mplayer package 
from [extra]. Basically, I just added the SDS patches to it. Seems to be 
working well. :)

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