[aur-general] TU application / Searching a sponsor

Adam Hani Schakaki arch at krzd.net
Sat Aug 21 10:47:04 EDT 2010

I am Adam Hani Schakaki from south-west Germany and I think that this would be the right time to apply or rather to find a sponsor.
I hope that there is no age restriction for becoming a TU because I am only 16 years old.
Anyway, I got my first Mandriva Linux CD 7 years ago, after that I was using several distributions like Fedora, openSuSE, Ubuntu, Debian. I also tried Gentoo, but most of the time I used Ubuntu for desktops and Debian for servers. But around the beginning of this year I found the great ArchLinux and I loved it.
I was/am programming a lot homepage related things in PHP and I also got pretty good programming skills in Java and surely bash. Currently, beside school, I am involved in a project ordered by a school for pupils and companies that every pupil can easily find a job training and the teachers can supervise it. It looks like I will finish school in two years and after that I want to study Software Engineering in London.
I am maintaining 103 packages in the AUR, most of them are go-openoffice language packs. But those language packs are all outdated because at the moment I am providing binary version in my repository unless anyone requests a source version for the AUR.
One of my goals would be to bring those language pack to the community repo, since there are already openoffice, go-openoffice and openoffice language packs, but no go-openoffice language packs. But the primary goal will ever be to improve ArchLinux and I want to help as much as I can.
I hope that I did not forget anything and I would be proud if I found a sponsor.

Adam Hani Schakaki

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