[aur-general] TU application / Searching a sponsor

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 12:28:51 EDT 2010

On 21 August 2010 22:47, Adam Hani Schakaki <arch at krzd.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Adam Hani Schakaki from south-west Germany and I think that this would be the right time to apply or rather to find a sponsor.
> I hope that there is no age restriction for becoming a TU because I am only 16 years old.
> Anyway, I got my first Mandriva Linux CD 7 years ago, after that I was using several distributions like Fedora, openSuSE, Ubuntu, Debian. I also tried Gentoo, but most of the time I used Ubuntu for desktops and Debian for servers. But around the beginning of this year I found the great ArchLinux and I loved it.
> I was/am programming a lot homepage related things in PHP and I also got pretty good programming skills in Java and surely bash. Currently, beside school, I am involved in a project ordered by a school for pupils and companies that every pupil can easily find a job training and the teachers can supervise it. It looks like I will finish school in two years and after that I want to study Software Engineering in London.
> I am maintaining 103 packages in the AUR, most of them are go-openoffice language packs. But those language packs are all outdated because at the moment I am providing binary version in my repository unless anyone requests a source version for the AUR.
> One of my goals would be to bring those language pack to the community repo, since there are already openoffice, go-openoffice and openoffice language packs, but no go-openoffice language packs. But the primary goal will ever be to improve ArchLinux and I want to help as much as I can.
> I hope that I did not forget anything and I would be proud if I found a sponsor.

Hi Adam

Age is never a factor on the Internet. If you are able to do something
well, you will be equally recognised and appreciated. The age of
technology is upon us and I am pretty sure we have 8-year-old Archers
these days. I myself taught my siblings (5-year-old brother and
11-year-old sister) last year to use programs from the commandline.
They are now fans of mplayer -loop 0 and ping -c 10.

Anyway, I feel it is still too early for you to become a Trusted User.
Hundreds of internationalisation packages are not very indicative of
your proficiency. I have checked just a couple of your non-i18n
packages and although they are OK, I cannot tell how competent and
confident you are or will be when it comes to the actual "maintenance"
of these software packages. Often, potential applicants tend to cite
other areas of involvement, like participation in the wiki, forums,
internal or external projects. Since you did not mention anything
related to those, it is even harder for me to assess you.

I would encourage you to search for a sponsor again in a few months'
time (the Bylaws have no influence in this case since you have yet to
apply) when and if you feel you have become well-acquainted with the
Arch Way, the Arch Build System, Arch Linux packaging and the
community in general.

But of course, this is only my opinion and advice; none of us (want
to) have the final authority. Any other TU is free to sponsor you, so,
good luck!


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