[aur-general] Quality

Philipp Überbacher hollunder at lavabit.com
Mon Aug 23 05:35:51 EDT 2010

Nice that you took on algoscore.
Not sure whether you fixed it or I was
low on coffee when I wrote the comment. Anyway, I noticed a few things:

1) your package is i686 only
2) "|| return 1" is used, which is apparently not really necessary
anymore. You can remove them as you update.
3) I don't know its build system, but if it uses cmake you should use
cmake to configure it correctly (paths) and then just install.
You can use cmake interactively for example with "ccmake .".
Non-interactively the options are prefixed with -D, example from one of
my packages:
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/usr" \
        -DWANT_MP3_ENCODE=ON \

make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install

"namcap" is in general very helpful, not sure it finds anything here though.

I didn't know that one, looks nice, audiomove:
One obvious thing is this line:
makedepends=('autoconf' 'automake>=1.6' 'pkgconfig>=0.9' 'patch')
Those are covered by a package everyone who builds stuff should have
installed. I don't remember the name.

The next question is whether the patch is necessary and/or still
applies, I didn't try, but it's worth checking.

Next one, cdplay:

I see i686 only.

This looks wrong for multiple reasons:
  install -Dm 755 cdplay $pkgdir/usr/bin
  install -Dm 755 eject $pkgdir/usr/bin

1) Wrong install syntax. From man install:
-D     create all leading components of DEST except the last, then copy

2) The binaries, if they'd be installed correctly, would easily
overwrite other binaries.
I found 'cdplay' on my system, as part of cdtool from extra.
I'm sure 'eject' is also prone to crash with something else, even if I
don't have it on my system.
Well, pacman would complain in those cases, but you should avoid them.

That was my pseudo-random pick for now.
Hope I could show you some of the possible pitfalls.
I'm looking forward to trying audiomove and algoscore.



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