[aur-general] TU application - Kyle Keen

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Dec 3 04:38:14 CET 2010

keenerd wrote:

> Xyne wrote:
> > What? You were his original choice for sponsor? I feel so used and cheap.
> >
> > How many more were there, Kyle? Tell me!
> There was only you.  Always only you.  Ionut was a giddy bit of
> foolishness, brought on when Falconindy convinced me to apply.  I know
> not why I sought such a ménage à trois, but cooler heads did prevail
> and Ionut gracefully turned down my feckless advance.
> I never forgot your suggestions on the BBS, nor our lofty plans for
> the AUR, nor the long nights testing pkgbuild2json.  I've missed
> working with you on such grand projects and hoped with my most secret
> of hearts that this Application would be the first step towards
> rekindling those old adventures.
> If you wish to spurn me now, I will accept that lonely fate.  But
> please - let your motive be driven by your dreams for the future and
> not by petty jealousies of the past.
> Assiduously yours,
>   Kyle

You speak so highly of dreams, but what hope can there be for one who dreads
the embrace of Morpheus and the illusions the he so subtly whispers in the ears
of those inclined to accept them? At the end of each night the dawn comes to
shatter the tranquility thus bestowed, and once more does the harsh light of
truth pierce the wounded heart of the jilted. You would bid me to close my eyes
and forget your trespasses, but I am unable to erase my memories and the
unpalatable knowledge that they bear.

Once we may have dreamed together, dreamed of the grandeur that our wonderful
collaboration might one day engender, of the prospects of contribution to the
community and the recognition that such would entail. The path lay clear before
me and never once did I doubt that your conviction was as mine, never once
before this sordid revelation.

Perhaps if you had been honest with me, if you had approached me in good faith
to redress your crimes against me, perhaps then we might have mended what had
been rent, but I fear that the destruction of my innocence has left me
incapable of such a leap of faith.

How am I to believe that my dreams will not be burned away by the morning sun
once more?

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