[aur-general] Tarball Guidelines

Lukáš Jirkovský l.jirkovsky at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 07:32:51 CET 2010

On 6 December 2010 03:42, keenerd <keenerd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for all the input.  I'm pushing the posts now and it should be
> done in a few hours.  For now it is just doing a single pass, but in
> the future I'll set it up to track the RSS.
> There is a lot of fun stuff in the AUR.  More stats later.  For now,
> here is my favorite:
> 472 packages had a single PNG.  1 package had 100 PNGs.
> For more fun, try to find the bot.  He's tagging 4% of packages, so it
> should not be too hard.
> -Kyle
> http://kmkeen.com

I just got spammed by your bot. You should really omit the warning for
png's. It should be easy to change your script only to check whether
file output contains "ELF", "executable" or "shared object". To
paraphrase your message "I think you can do better."

Anyway, this makes me think that the current AUR guidelines should be
more clear about this issue. To be more precise I mean this part:

After logging in to the AUR web interface, a user can submit a gzipped
tarball (.tar.gz) of a directory containing build files for a package.
The directory inside the tarball should contain a PKGBUILD, any
.install files, patches, etc. (ABSOLUTELY no binaries).

I'm pretty sure binaries originally referred to executables and
libraries (which are in fact executables). My proposal is to change
this sentence accordingly. Either use "ABSOLUTELY no executables" or
"ABSOLUTELY no binaries except for icons."

Also it should be mentioned in Arch Packaging Standards.


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