[aur-general] Some packages moved from extra/community to aur

Michael Trunner michael at trunner.de
Tue Dec 7 10:58:26 EST 2010

> On Tuesday 07 December 2010 12:30:35 Seblu wrote:
> > 2010/12/7 Cédric Girard <girard.cedric at gmail.com>:
> > > On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:56 AM, Michael Trunner <michael at trunner.de>
> > > wrote:
> > > 
> > > Well, it's really simple. As autofs already have 10 votes, you just
> > > need to apply to become a TU and you will be able to move it to
> > > [community] and maintain it
> > 
> > This is not so simple.
> > If i wanna be a TU, this need a long time before to be enough famous
> > in arch community to make an application.
> I think Cédric's suggestion isn't daft at all. TUs really should be people
> who have a good experience of using Arch Linux and have the neccesary
> skills to build and maintain packages. It's not at all about being famous,
> IMO. (I hardly think I was, nor am I now!)
> Seriously, if you or anyone else is interested in there being certain
> packages in [community] (and they fulfill the requirements) and you have
> the skills, please do apply :-)
> We said a while back, I think, that we'd rather have more TUs maintaining
> reasonable numbers of packages, and packages that they use, than a small
> number of TUs with too much on their plates.
> Pete.

Currently I am the system administrator of about 150 linux pc in students pc 
pool. So I think the skill isn't the problem, because we use packages from aur 
and wo had to creat own packages as well. But I don't think I can get an TU 
overnight :-)

By the way: We used Ubuntu before but that distro killed it self, with its 
preinstalled networkmanager, which you can't easily remove (mount depence on 
networkmanger by some way).

But back to topic: it isn't funny to use a not real officially autofs package on 
our university network.

What was or is the problem, that no TU want's to maintain these package?

May be I can help here?



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