[aur-general] Amendment

PyroPeter abi1789 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 7 11:18:00 EST 2010

> * vote passes in EITHER of the following cases:
>      - more than 50% of all active TUs vote "yes" (quorum doesn't matter in this
>        case)
>      - more than x% of all active TUs vote "yes" AND
>        more vote "yes" than "no" AND
>        quorum is established ("yes" + "no" + "abstain">  y% of all TUs)
>        (x% and y% to be determined by discussion, e.g. 33% and 66%, resp.)

This is _very_ hard to understand. I proposed the use of an absolute
majority mainly because of it's simplicity (as it works without the
quorum stuff).

 > $yes > ($percent * $TUs) && $yes > $no

I like that, as it combines the simplicity of an absolute majority with
a barrier of variable height. It also works without defining a quorum.
(as the number of required YES votes is relative to the number of active
TUs, not the number of votes)

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