[aur-general] TU application - Kyle Keen

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 02:37:56 CET 2010

On Tue 07 Dec 2010 16:44 -0500, keenerd wrote:
> After much heavy thought, I withdraw my application.  My apologies for
> the trouble.

Noooo. I was interested in your analysis of the AUR and I think we could
make good use of it. I kind of wish I could spam users about their bad
packages. I have sent a few emails manually.

I guess the real issue is that if there is any action that has a
widespread effect on the AUR we should always decide what should be done
as a group of TUs. That's one reason that I made Jakob create a proposal
for the last mass AUR cleanup. I could have easily applied the changes
behind the scenes otherwise.

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