[aur-general] TU application - Kyle Keen

Ray Rashif schiv at archlinux.org
Thu Dec 9 00:53:21 CET 2010

On 9 December 2010 02:15, keenerd <keenerd at gmail.com> wrote:
> However, an AUR scanning/reporting bot could be made and operated by
> any *non-TU* in less than two hundred lines of any scripting language.

In fact, that's exactly what I'm trying to say. That issue is you
doing something as an Arch Linux user, and that's all. An idea you
tested. Some people liked it, some people didn't. That is why I
believe it should have nothing to do with your TU application. I
didn't even expect anyone to bring that up here, but Xyne did what he
felt was right.

I can see that you're demotivated by the (bot) feedback. Anyway, it's
up to you and your sponsor now :) Three months later or not, you're
definitely TU material.

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