[aur-general] Remove ardour3-svn

Cédric Girard girard.cedric at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 13:14:38 EST 2010

Le 21 déc. 2010 18:33, "Xyne" <xyne at archlinux.ca> a écrit :
> On 2010-12-21 15:55 +0100 (51:2)
> Cédric Girard wrote:
> > I know why you did it, even though I don't see why AUR PKGBUILDs content
> > should be dictated by upstream devs.
> It's not being dictated by upstream devs. The dev has expressed concerns
> we're trying to address them out of respect. He has been neither rude nor
> demanding from what I have seen, and a simple message is a completely
> reasonable solution.
> Really, the entire OSS community would fall apart if everyone adopted this
> apparent attitude of "I don't have to do shit for you, no matter how
> ridiculously easy it would be for me, so why should I? Now do more for
> It's parasitic consumption and it undermines the mutualism on which we

It seems there is a misunderstanding of what I was trying to express.

It does not bother me that an upstream dev asks the maintainer to add some
warnings about the early state of an application and the need of proper bug
reports. And I'm fine with giving warnings about that.

What I do not understand is him asking for the removal of a package. If he
put a public svn he should accept that code is checked out from it.

Anyway I do agree with the benefit of understanding and collaboration
between open source communities.

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