[aur-general] Remove ardour3-svn

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Dec 21 17:49:45 EST 2010

Cédric Girard wrote:

> It seems there is a misunderstanding of what I was trying to express.
> It does not bother me that an upstream dev asks the maintainer to add some
> warnings about the early state of an application and the need of proper bug
> reports. And I'm fine with giving warnings about that.
> What I do not understand is him asking for the removal of a package. If he
> put a public svn he should accept that code is checked out from it.

I partially agree, but in this case he's made the svn public so that users can
contribute to development. Sure, anyone can use it, but it isn't there for
that. The inclusion of the package on the AUR may be taken as an implication
that the package is for general use, so I understand why the developer would
request its removal. Note that he didn't show up and start demanding that it be
removed (at least not from what I've seen). He simply expressed his concerns
and gave his reasons, and we in turn addressed them.

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