[aur-general] Chmod files in a package

Nathan Owens ndowens.aur at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 22:42:50 EST 2010

I am working on package bglibs, it has a installer that installs the 
libs and such. Namcap gives that usr/lib/bglibs/lib/... needs 444 or 644 
directories and files need permission set to 644 or 444. I have tried 
chmod -R 644 $pkgdir/usr/lib/bglibs/lib and that doesn't work. Also I 
have tried:

for dir in $pkgdir/usr/lib/bglibs/lib
        chmod -R 644  $dir

also I have tried:
find $pkgdir/usr/lib/bglibs/lib -type d -exec chmod 644 {}\;

None of the above worked.

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