[aur-general] Please remove my package from AUR

kosmici-atakuja at wp.pl kosmici-atakuja at wp.pl
Tue Feb 2 11:08:47 EST 2010

I need somebody to help me and erase my package.

I mistakenly shared my PKGBUILD file for ktorrent-3.3.3 because it wasn't 
available in the repos for some time, I thought people might want to use it. 
Turns out it was a mistake and besides ktorrent-3.3.3 is now available in the 

I did all this because I thought that I can remove my package from AUR just by 
myself but I was wrong again :)
I guess I'm new to this. 
Please remove the package. 

It's here:

I promise I'll follow the rules next time and wait for the official repos!

Thank you

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