[aur-general] TU without [community] maintaining?

Jaroslav Lichtblau tu at dragonlord.cz
Wed Feb 3 13:20:30 EST 2010

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 06:48:34PM +0100, Lex Rivera wrote:
> The main reason why a asked for it is amount of crap in AUR. I have my own repo, maybe
> that's why i'm not interested in [community]. But AUR have huge list of
> orphaned, outdated, obsolette packages. Most of them can be deleted,
> since they have no use now. I see them nearly everyday, and... Well, i
> think you catch that. AUR needs moderators. AUR must be clean.
> Sorry for my bad english =(

In my opinion, the requested changes for AUR reported here are done very quickly,
isn't it? And no special rights for AUR are needed to check the
submitted packages. I see a lot of complexity, but I'm not sure for what added values.
What should be the tasks for the AUR moderators? I can think of:
- check submitted/changed PKGBUILDs (no special rights needed)
- orphan/remove packages            (IMO done quickly by TU's)
- manage AUR accounts               (same as above ...)
- ?


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