[aur-general] Bug in perl-text-bibtext build script for x86_64 platform

Ted Pavlic ted at tedpavlic.com
Mon Feb 8 14:41:21 EST 2010

AUR --

     I've sent a message to the package maintainer about this, but it 
has been a while since there has been an update, and so I wanted to send 
something here too for comment and archival purposes. At the moment, the 
perl-text-bibtex package fails on x86_64 systems because it tries to 
link libraries built without -fPIC to object files built with -fPIC.

     On x86_64 machines, when building the perl-text-bibtex package, it 
is necessary to add:


to the btparse compiler flags before running "make". That is, the 
PKGBUILD should...

(1) Download Text::BibTeX from CPAN
(2) Run "perl Makefile.PL", which will fetch a btparse distribution and 
untar it into a directory that it symlinks to "btparse"
(3) Change to "btparse" and add "-fPIC" to CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, and 
CXXFLAGS in the Makefile and src/Makefile files
(4) Change back to the Text::BibTeX root and run "make"

Otherwise, the linker will complain because the Perl libraries will be 
built with -fPIC and the btparse libraries will not be... so they'll be 
incompatible for linking.


(1) Download a btparse distribution and untar it into directory "A" 
(creating "A/btparse-0.35/")
(2) Modify A/btparse-0.35/Makefile and A/btparse-0.35/src/Makefile as 
described above
(3) Download the Text::BibTeX distribution from CPAN and also untar it 
into directory "A" (creating A/Text-BibTeX-0.38/")
(4) complete the Text::BibTeX installation as usual (it will find the 
btparse distribution that shares a parent directory with it)

Otherwise, perl-text-bibtex fails to build on x86_64 systems.


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