[aur-general] Wan't to adpost lsb-release in AUR

Erol Grahm erol at grahm.nu
Thu Feb 25 10:27:18 EST 2010

My mistake, the package wans't broken, it was actually that the binary's
itself that don't wan't to call DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Arch Linux" in

Ncbi-tools just calls the lsb_release tool to get information about the
system so I'll have to try another approach.

Sorry to bother ya

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On 25/02/2010 05:12 μμ, Erol Grahm wrote:
> Hi,
> Could i possibly maintain "lsb-release" in the AUR, I need a working
> for my current package project "ncbi-tools" for it to compile correctly.
> current maintainer is unresponsive and 3 people at the moment needs it.
> Thank you - Corex

What exactly is broken in the current package? Also, have you tried 
patching ncbi-tools to build correctly with the present lsb-release package?

Both questions are sincere as I don't have experience with either software.

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