[aur-general] Help in building i686 packages needed

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 14:37:49 EST 2010

2010/1/10 Chris Brannon <cmbrannon79 at gmail.com>:
>> I also need a rebuild on acerhk. It is an i686-only kernel module, a
>> simple pkgrel bump should be more than enough. By the way, I don't
>> even use the driver anymore, rebuilding is not much of a hassle, but
>> if any TU uses it, feel free to take it.
> Hi Corrado,
> I rebuilt acerhk for you, and I will upload it.  However I saw
> the following error, and I'm not quite sure what it means:
>  Building modules, stage 2.
>  MODPOST 1 modules
> WARNING: modpost: Found 2 section mismatch(es).
> To see full details build your kernel with:
> Do you have any idea?  Nevertheless, the package built successfully.
> Sorry, I can't test, because I don't use the driver.

According to http://bkhome.org/blog/?viewDetailed=00965 that's not
really harmful :)


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