[aur-general] TU Resignation

Paulo Matias matias at archlinux-br.org
Sun Jan 31 13:12:43 EST 2010

Hi all,

Besides loving Arch, a few reasons made me leave it as my main
distribution. I could surely adapt Arch to my new personal needs, due
to its simplicity and flexibility, but due to lack of time and real
life pressure, it would not be possible anytime soon. So I'm resigning
as a Trusted User.

I'd like to thank you all for giving me this outstanding opportunity
and experience. Special thanks to hdoria, angvp, bardo, wonder,
foutrelis, ornitorrincos, stefanhusmann, sergej, pierre and all you
that helped me or worked with me on a package.

I have a few packages at community. I hope you can adopt some of them.

In special, I'd like to ask that if some TU uses OSS frequently, he
adopts it, as this package may require some special care, being a
driver package. Most of the users that ask help in the OSS IRC channel
are Arch users, so we should have a good amount of OSS users.

Regarding packages in unsupported, it would be nice if some TU could
adopt virtualbox_bin. This package needs some care and it would be
nice to merge bdheeman's dkms work (virtualbox-sun package) so the
duplicates can be removed. Also it would be nice if someone could
contact the VirtualBox developers (there is even an irc channel -
#vbox) and offer to make this package official. I mean, they have a
repository for debian-based and for redhat-based distributions, so
maybe they could make an archlinux repository and offer directly there
an official ready-to-install package if some help is offered to them.

I will list below my community and unsupported packages to ease adoption.

- oss-related (oss, skype-oss)
- djvu-related (djview4, pdf2djvu -> pstreams)
- lua-related (luadoc, luafilesystem, luajit, lualogging)
- netsurf-related (netsurf -> hubbub, libnsbmp, libnsgif, libparserutils)
- latex-related (texmaker)

- vbox-related (virtualbox_bin)
- oss-related (xulrunner-oss)
- electronics-related (alliance, chipmunksystem, logisim)
- lua-related (iup, cd, im, gnuplot-luaterm)
- ion3-related (ion-3, trayion)
- djvu-related (gsdjvu)
- irc-related (kvirc-svn, qirssi)
- driver stuff (samsutools)
- other stuff (chestnut-dialer, eresi-svn, python-mpmath, uspnet)

By the number of votes, some of them can even go to community if some
TU is interested.

Packages virtualbox_bin-1, virtualbox_bin-2, virtualbox_bin-3_0 are
legacy stuff requested by users to be left out. The netcfg-rt73 and
qc-usb packages are legacy stuff that are probably useless nowadays,
unless someone uses an old custom kernel.

Best regards,

Paulo Matias

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