[aur-general] TU Resignation

Daniel Griffiths ghost1227 at archlinux.us
Sun Jan 31 14:09:54 EST 2010

On 01/31/2010 12:12 PM, Paulo Matias wrote:
> Hi all,
> Besides loving Arch, a few reasons made me leave it as my main
> distribution. I could surely adapt Arch to my new personal needs, due
> to its simplicity and flexibility, but due to lack of time and real
> life pressure, it would not be possible anytime soon. So I'm resigning
> as a Trusted User.
> I'd like to thank you all for giving me this outstanding opportunity
> and experience. Special thanks to hdoria, angvp, bardo, wonder,
> foutrelis, ornitorrincos, stefanhusmann, sergej, pierre and all you
> that helped me or worked with me on a package.
> I have a few packages at community. I hope you can adopt some of them.
> In special, I'd like to ask that if some TU uses OSS frequently, he
> adopts it, as this package may require some special care, being a
> driver package. Most of the users that ask help in the OSS IRC channel
> are Arch users, so we should have a good amount of OSS users.
> Regarding packages in unsupported, it would be nice if some TU could
> adopt virtualbox_bin. This package needs some care and it would be
> nice to merge bdheeman's dkms work (virtualbox-sun package) so the
> duplicates can be removed. Also it would be nice if someone could
> contact the VirtualBox developers (there is even an irc channel -
> #vbox) and offer to make this package official. I mean, they have a
> repository for debian-based and for redhat-based distributions, so
> maybe they could make an archlinux repository and offer directly there
> an official ready-to-install package if some help is offered to them.
> I will list below my community and unsupported packages to ease adoption.
> [community]
> - oss-related (oss, skype-oss)
> - djvu-related (djview4, pdf2djvu ->  pstreams)
> - lua-related (luadoc, luafilesystem, luajit, lualogging)
> - netsurf-related (netsurf ->  hubbub, libnsbmp, libnsgif, libparserutils)
> - latex-related (texmaker)
> [unsupported]
> - vbox-related (virtualbox_bin)
> - oss-related (xulrunner-oss)
> - electronics-related (alliance, chipmunksystem, logisim)
> - lua-related (iup, cd, im, gnuplot-luaterm)
> - ion3-related (ion-3, trayion)
> - djvu-related (gsdjvu)
> - irc-related (kvirc-svn, qirssi)
> - driver stuff (samsutools)
> - other stuff (chestnut-dialer, eresi-svn, python-mpmath, uspnet)
> By the number of votes, some of them can even go to community if some
> TU is interested.
> Packages virtualbox_bin-1, virtualbox_bin-2, virtualbox_bin-3_0 are
> legacy stuff requested by users to be left out. The netcfg-rt73 and
> qc-usb packages are legacy stuff that are probably useless nowadays,
> unless someone uses an old custom kernel.
> Best regards,
> Paulo Matias
I've taken over texmaker, and will take over a few more if no one claims 
them. Best of luck and thanks for allyour work!

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