[aur-general] Why is there no option to delete your own package in AUR yourself?

Michael Düll (akurei) mail at akurei.org
Wed Jul 14 16:54:46 EDT 2010

Hello fellow Archers!

I wonder why there's no option to delete your own package from AUR.

Some users pointed out, that there once was too much abusive behaviour. I 
can't think of a way how this could be abused, if you are only allowed to 
delete your _own_ uploaded packages, except one: If there's many users (and 
OTHER packages from AUR that rely on that perticular package [eg bin32-wine 
relies on lib32-libldap from AUR]), and you delete it, thus breaking 
My proposal is: Allow people to delete their own AUR packages if a) No other 
AUR package depends on it and b) if there's less than 10 people "using" it 
(aurvote). This way it would be easy to delete a faulty package without first 
asking on the list and it would hopefully encourage more people to try and put 


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