[aur-general] bin32-wine and related [WAS: trusted users business]

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Jul 15 23:32:11 EDT 2010

Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
> >
> > I resent your characterization of my post_install function as abuse.
> > No .install files were harmed in the making of my arch32-light
> > package. :)
> Ah, I think I must have been taken a bit too literally here. I was
> actually quoting your own description of how arch32-light does its
> work =). I myself think its a good way to set up a chroot, and should
> probably be considered the 'canonical' way currently (if I'm not
> wrong, you basically automate most of the steps in the 32-bit chroot
> wiki).
> I was actually talking about a package/script to handle chroot
> maintenance generally, where your pacman32 is specific to the
> arch32-light package. Of course, having bauerbill handle that for me
> would be lovely =)

Don't worry, I was only joking about the resentment, whence the smiley.
And yes, the package automates the steps in the Wiki to set up the
minimal 32-bit chroot. There is also an "arch32" package in the AUR
that follows the steps to create a full chroot.

What I meant with my previous footnote is that it is easy to create
aliases and scripts to handle chroots. All you really need are the
"--root", "--cachedir" and "--arch" options, and occasionally the
"--config" option. E.g.:

function in_arch_root {
  "$@" --root "$root_dir" --cachedir "$root_dir/var/cache/pacman/pkg"

in_arch_root "/opt/arch32" pacman --arch i686 -Syu

If you have multiple chroots then you should probably use a common
cachedir (e.g. /var/cache/pacman/pkg), although it would only be
accessible from outside of the chroots, which may or may not be a
problem depending on how you manage them. Links might work too.

You could also create update functions that loop over a list or array
of chroots and update each one accordingly. It all comes down to just a
few lines in .bashrc or a bash script, so there isn't any real reason
to try to package it.

Btw, bauerbill can handle chroots using the same options, as pacman's
options are a subset of powerpill's and bauerbill's options


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