[aur-general] trusted users business

Angel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.com.ve
Fri Jul 16 09:14:16 EDT 2010

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 8:36 PM, Loui Chang <louipc.ist at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu 15 Jul 2010 14:11 -0300, Angel Velásquez wrote:
>> 2010/7/15 Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.com.ve>:
>> >
>> > So let's start the removal procedure for swiergot (who is pretty
>> > dissapeared).
>> >
>> Removal procedure is started, swiergot downgraded as a Normal User for
>> keep sure that he won't vote (Removal procedure states that a TU can't
>> vote against him).
> You are wrong to start this removal process. None of those Trusted Users
> have prevented quorum from being met yet. Please reverse your actions.
> If you do want to remove them, you should offer some other reason and we
> need to vote on it, or we could vote on a change to the bylaws to
> redefine inactivity.
> Thanks.

Bah, I should vote for a change the bylaws, I missunderstood what I
quoted before (Isaac's did a good point).

Facts are (speaking generally):

a) Removal of a TU is very hard, (even if he/she or they aren't doing
anything), we should need some 'automatic way' or .. less bereucratic
way to do that.
b) TU System on AUR need so much code ... (it's very limited) and I
can't or edit/delete that votation progress. It's invalid, of course,
but at the system level isn't.
c) I've speaked on the IRC channel, which btw loui we always would
like to have you there (don't know why you don't like to enter or
randomly :P), so I missunderstood somepart of the bylaws as Isaac
pointed me, but nobody told me anything too.. so I am accepting my
fault, but maybe if you were on our irc channel, you can advice me
before to send the application etc etc.

We're waiting yet for a swiergot's response yet.. so if past 24 hours
of the last mail, he doesn't replied anything I will ask for his
removal (on the TU channel though, and oh, again, you Loui are invited
to join us!, we are so wonderful people there :D)

And now, with Ranguvar, as I said, i let this occasion go with him,
because he's pretty new, and he maybe forgot to mark himself as
Inactive, but when you come back, please let us know :).

See you.

Angel Velásquez
angvp @ irc.freenode.net
Arch Linux Developer / Trusted User
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